Please visit my Linkedin profile to see testimonials from real business owners and CEOs about my work. Statistic shows that overr 66% of SEO & Internet Marketers Testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated.


Charlotte Dalgarno

Managing Director of Big Things Marketing.

January 24, 2018, Christopher worked with Charlotte in the same group

Not only is it a pleasure to work with Christopher (very professional and excellent communication) but I also learnt a lot from him. His knowledge of digital marketing is vast and because he is constantly testing he is able to put together robust SEO strategies for a wide range of business sectors


             Julio Feliz

Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

February 1, 2018, Christopher worked with Julio in the same group

Christopher is one of the knowledgeable SEO agents I've had the pleasure of working with. His dedication and attention to detail are unmatched. Contact Christopher if you are looking to take your website to the next level


        Colin Osborne

I Partner With Businesses To Create, improve, and Optimize their business in the digital landscape

February 17, 2018, Christopher worked with Colin in the same group

Working with Christopher has been amazing. He has a true talent for SEO and I full-heartedly believe that he can rank for any search term in Google that he wants. I was blown away by what he can do and he has excelled my SEO business by years. I fully endorse him for his services as I know he will take amazing care of anyone. 


   Tushar Chowdhary

Engineer and Digital Marketing Specialist

April 23 2018, Tushar was a client of Christopher

Very few people have the knowledge that Christopher has on the subject of SEO. Struggling business to ranking on  the first page of Google. Thank you Christopher and the team at Collman Digital Marketing. You guys are life savers!

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